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  • Stalking;
  • Breach of Intervention Order;
  • Breach of Intervention Order Intending to Cause Harm or Fear.

Have you been charged with stalking, assaulting or harassing your partner or ex-partner, or a neighbour or associate? Have you been charged with breaching the terms of an Intervention Order?

These matters are now taken very seriously by the Courts. We can help.

Is it extremely important that you are represented by an experienced Melbourne criminal defence lawyer. Papa Hughes Lawyers will provide you with expert advice about whether you may have a defence, and about the type of preparation required to achieve the best possible outcome if you are going to plead guilty. 

Domestic Violence Offences Lawyer
Domestic Violence Offences

Family Violence now has a very broad definition. It is defined in section 5 of the Family Violence Protection Act and includes physical, emotional, psychological and financial abuse and threatening, coercive and dominating behaviour, among other things.

A charge of Breaching an Intervention Order carries a maximum of two years jail, and a charge of Beaching an Intervention Order intending or knowing that your behaviour could cause physical or mental harm to, or an apprehension of fear in the person who is the subject of the order carries a maximum penalty of five years jail.

You need an experienced criminal defence lawyer to represent you to help you avoid a jail term.

Our Melbourne criminal defence lawyers have many years of experience in representing people charged with Breaching Intervention Orders, and we will ensure you receive the best possible result with a personalised, non judgmental approach.

Contact us now so that one of our criminal defence lawyers can begin preparing your case.

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