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Papa Hughes – Criminal Law Specialist

When you are facing criminal charges you don’t want to take any chances in preparing and defending your case. When it comes to legal representation, you want the best criminal lawyer in Melbourne to be providing reliable and effective counsel. Not only do you want your lawyer to deliver excellent advice. Your lawyer needs to be a strong advocate. This is why it is vital to have the expertise of an experienced defence criminal defence lawyer so that you have the best possible chance of securing your desired outcome. With these qualities being so desired by defendants, Papa Hughes strives to meet all of our clients’ needs and provide them with the results they are seeking.

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Criminal Defence Law Firm

Homicide / Murder Case

If you have been charged with a Homicide OR Murder Case, Papa Hughes is help you.

At Papa Hughes, our criminal drug offence lawyers can assist you in defending against all types of drug charges

Contact Papa Hughes Lawyers now so we can begin preparing your case.

Assault charges vary significantly in their level of seriousness, and can attract very different sentences. Contact our criminal defence lawyers to discuss your matter.

Our traffic lawyers will help you throughout the legal process, assuring you to get back on the road quickly.

Do you need a lawyer to act for you or a relative or friend in a bail application? Contact our team that will help to prepare an Application.

Children's Court

Papa Hughes’s criminal Family lawyers are ready and willing to help with any Family-related legal issues.


Contact us now so that one of our criminal defence lawyers can begin preparing your case.

Criminal Defence lawyers

Expert Criminal Defence Lawyers can assist in all matters.

Papa Hughes Lawyer

Papa Hughes – Melbourne's Legal Specialists

At Papa Hughes we offer representation for all criminal charges in Melbourne. We are a client orientated firm that is results focused and our team is ready to help. Our principle lawyers, Andrew Papadimitropoulos and Jessie Hughes, have practised criminal defence in Melbourne’s courts for over 20 years and are Accredited by the Law Institute of Victoria as Specialists in Criminal Law.

Our lawyers are veterans of high profile cases occurring in the Supreme and County Courts of Victoria. Papa Hughes’ solicitors routinely conduct bail applications, pleas and contested hearings in all Victorian Magistrates’ Courts.

We strive to achieve the best possible results for our clients by utilising a mixture of legal tactics, knowledge and expertise. As such, we have developed a strong reputation as the best criminal lawyers in the Melbourne CBD. This reputation is based on the excellent results we have achieved for our clients, and not through clever marketing.

We have strong connections with defence barristers and expert professional service providers across Melbourne. This means we will always put together the most effective and reliable legal team to represent our client’s interests.

Team members

Our expert team of experienced criminal defence lawyers available to assist in all cases and matters

At Papa Hughes we offer representation for all criminal charges in
Melbourne. We are a client orientated firm that is results focused and our team is ready to help.

Andrew Papadimitropoulos - Criminal Lawyers Melbourne
Managing Partner
Accredited Criminal Law Specialist
Papa Hughes Lawyer
Senior Partner
Accredited Criminal Law Specialist
Papa Hughes Team
Senior Solicitor
Papa Hughes Team Rose
Criminal Defence Lawyer
Chan Park - Criminal Lawyers Melbourne
Criminal Defence Lawyer
Darcy Carroll - Criminal Lawyers Melbourne
Criminal Defence Lawyer
Criminal Defence Lawyer

Why Should you Choose Papa Hughes?

We represent our clients in all jurisdictions covering all areas of criminal and traffic law. We are present on the summary and indictable panels of Victoria Legal Aid which means we can apply for funding on our clients’ behalf (subject to the guidelines and criteria set by Victoria Legal Aid). 

For these reasons Papa Hughes Lawyers can be counted on to give you the best defence in the Melbourne.

There’s no doubt that criminal offences are taken very seriously in Victoria and without adequate legal representation you will be at a major disadvantage in court. This is why the market for criminal defence lawyers is so competitive, because there is so much on the line for clients that they don’t want to take any chances.

Defending yourself in court will undoubtedly be one of, if not, the most stressful and confusing times of your life. You know the stakes and what an unfavourable result can mean for your future. Whether you want to retain your ability to drive, keep a clean record or avoid imprisonment, you will need the services of an experienced defence attorney to assist you.

A good criminal defence lawyers will not only prepare and represent your case in court, but be a passionate criminal defence lawyers who wants to see you achieve the best outcome the law will allow. They will be able to help you understand the full width and breadth of the case before you, offering an unbiased opinion on the best course of action.

At Papa Hughes, we are a firm that understands the full complexity of the Australian legal system and specifically its’ administration in the state of Victoria. With a practised philosophy behind our approach to legal defence, we take pride in our ability represent our clients in a fair and ethical way. 

We leave no page unturned in our pursuit of the best outcomes for our clients. Our no-nonsense and committed approach has given us the reputation we enjoy today. Many of our clients who have had unpleasant experiences with their previous legal representation have been pleasantly surprised by the diligence and respect shown by our attorneys.

Our criminal defence lawyers are all passionate about what they do and it will come across the first time you sit down with them. They will defend your interests as if they were their own because they understand the implications of criminal charges and do not want them to be applied unnecessarily.

No matter how much experience you do or do not have with the legal system, our highly skilled team is there to support you. We are able to achieve results that other firms simply cannot. This is because we see very few goals as impossible and are eager to impress our clients with what we can achieve for them.

At Papa Hughes we have safely established ourselves as one of the best criminal defence lawyers in Melbourne. The quality of our criminal defence lawyers, our understanding of the Victorian legal system and our attention to detail are all factors in the accolades we have achieved as a law firm. 

If you have been charged with a criminal offence, then you need look no further than Papa Hughes for the expert counsel and representation you require. We are eager to hear from you so that our team can get started on helping you to achieve a just outcome no matter what type of situation you find yourself in.

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